About Wenaasgruppen

About Wenaasgruppen









Wenaasgruppen is a family owned company with investments in hotel properties and alpine ski resorts. In addition, asset management is an important business area.


Hotel properties
With 18 hotel properties, 7,791 rooms and annual leasing revenue of about NOK 1,0 billion, Wenaasgruppen is one of the largest hotel property companies in Scandinavia. The strategy is to own, lease and operate hotel properties located in major cities in Europe. The Group will lease its properties on long-term contracts or enter into management agreements with major hotel chains. The hotels must be in a good locations, have over 200 rooms and rental revenue/EBITDA of over NOK 20 million a year and be quality and service leaders within their segments.


Asset Management

The Group’s available liquidity should be invested seeking the highest possible return without assuming undue risk. Assets are invested in solid, listed industrial and financial companies providing a return in the form of dividends and capital appreciation. In addition, assets are invested in solid high yield and investment grade bonds, at good interest rates. Further liquid assets are invested in the fixed income market, seeking the highest possible yield.


Alpine ski resorts
Wenaasgruppen ownes and operates Central Norway's largest alpine ski resort Oppdal Skisenter.